MetaBrainz Foundation Annual Report 2006 available now

I’ve just completed the MetaBrainz Foundation Annual Report for 2006!

The report provides a close look at our finances, traffic, community and provides a general review of 2006. Some interesting tidbits from the report:

In 2006, the Foundation spent $10,758.67 on hosting and hardware costs and served out 614 million web hits and 352 million web service hits. Calculating a cost per hit, we find that we spent $17.56 per one million web hits and $30.58 per one million web service hits.

. . .

The balance sheet for 2006 shows that the MetaBrainz Foundation closed out the year with retained earnings of $7,984.50, net income of $6,338.95 and total cash assets of $14,423.45.

. . .

Mudcrow, our top editor and voter (peer reviewer) of 2006 made an astounding 100,998 changes to the database and voted on 38,347 edits from other editors! Thank you for all of your efforts mudcrow!

The report is full of other details about MusicBrainz and MetaBrainz. Go take a look!

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