Edit of the Week: Previews of Upcoming Releases

I always wanted to revive this column but never found a controversial edit that was interesting enough / didn’t have too much flame notes.

I always wanted to revive this column but never found a controversial edit that was interesting enough / didn’t have too much flame notes. So, here we go:


What’s it about? Well, in short: if an artist releases a song on their website that is likely or said to appear on a release in the future, then is this a legal non-album track or not? Of course it’s also possible that it will definitely appear on a release but in another version.

So, shall we wait until the release is out and then only add it as a NAT if it’s a different version or should we just add it and later delete it if necessary (the guidelines state this)?

7 thoughts on “Edit of the Week: Previews of Upcoming Releases”

  1. it’s legal until the release it’s on is added to MB. Then the NAT gets removed (since it can’t be moved — at least not without the dirty edits you mention in the wiki). In fact.. it’s right in the style guide under NonAlbumTrack where it’s been for over a year and multiple people that have edited the wiki page since (including DonRedman and you Shepard) and have not once changed this part of the guide.
    Adding a NAT of a released track from a future release is pretty common on MB and happens quiet a lot. Where have you been??

  2. you’ve made this blog post to ask if users should follow the guideline or not.. well.. i think the answer to that will be quite obvious! 🙂

  3. ok, but you misunderstand.
    i’m talking about this blog post, not your “column” but the question is posed at the end of this blog post. It ends with the basic question “use the guide line or not?”
    did you really think people that read this won’t want to follow the guideline?

    and now looking at the votes on edit.. the answer is very obvious

  4. I agree with allowing it to an extent, the original adder should be vigilant in making sure the Non-Album track is removed as soon as the album is released. I think that was the major problem with this add is there is already many occurences of this situation in the database where a pre-release track is added to database, then nobody remembers to remove later when it is released.

  5. where are the edits of the week the past two weeks? I thought the “column” was revived.

  6. Well someone has to find some good edits? I didn’t stumble over one and I can’t do magic. “Revived” as in “this is something to start with, maybe others try to find interesting edits too now”.

    Or do you suspect I just wanted to bring attention on your edit?

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