Returning to the land of MusicBrainz

After a much needed break and an extensive camping trip, I’ve finally returned to the land of MusicBrainz. However, instead of returning to San Luis Obispo to tackle new challenges, I’m in London this week. The BBC invited me for a few days to explore the possibilities how MusicBrainz and the BBC can work together.

While I am in London I am checking mail and catching up on the happenings of the past couple of weeks. I am also starting to think about how to solve the various growing pains that MusicBrainz is experiencing at the moment. After my break I have a much clearer view of the world and a much better head space.

Stay tuned for some thoughts on how to tackle our current set of challenges!

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6 thoughts on “Returning to the land of MusicBrainz”

  1. Is it possible to know why there are licensing issues between and MusicBrainz? It was a cool time when there was a synchronisation between and musicbrainz. 😦

  2. Mainly because the data license contract between MusicBrainz and has not been signed. It appears that I can’t get any of the business people at to pay any attention to me. 😦

    If you’d like to see this synch continue, then please bug to finally go and settle the license with MusicBrainz!

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