"Top something" Playlists do not belong in MusicBrainz

Edit #5258089 has raised the issue how MusicBrainz should handle “XY’s Top 50” playlists or the like.

After some discussion and a Request for Comments on the style mailing list, I have summarised the appearing consensus in this Request for Veto:

Bootleg torrents that are compilations based on playlists of charts authorities (like Billboard’s) should not be stored in MusicBrainz as releases. These playlists are often copyrighted by their issuers.

This has now been accepted. Therefore the “releases” representing such playlists should be removed from MusicBrainz, unless of course there are real compilations out there.

The logic behind this, is that these are not actual releases. The information they hold is just that of a playlist and releases are used as a hack to store this information in MusicBrainz. These “releases” clutter up the discography pages and might even get MB into trouble because of copyright issues.

Concrete cases are the Billboard’s Top n of the year yyyy and the John Peel Festive 50.

I still have not found a good place to write this down in the wiki. Suggestions are welcome.

2 thoughts on “"Top something" Playlists do not belong in MusicBrainz”

  1. I know I’ve been guilty of this, but I’d say that I agree on this when it comes to “releases” such as billboard’s top 100 of 1967. But, just to throw out those possible exceptions, what about the John Peel Festive 50? There are two ways these collections are sought after in the mp3 world. Some folks like to just use the festive 50 countdown as a playlist, getting higher quality album versions of the songs. Others, like me and many nice people I’ve met, only want the original broadcasts, with Peel’s voice and errors inbetween tracks. These are bootlegs in the sense that they have been recorded straight off the BBC airwaves for years and traded between fans. Would the actual broadcasts count as bootleg releases?

  2. If the audio of the original broadcasts is distributed (by whatever means), then yes, this would qualify as a real bootleg release. The question is: How is this divided into tracks? I’d suppose they are one long file with a cuesheet. How do you put this into MB?

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