Mobile Apps: Let’s welcome the ListenBrainz App!

Greetings, Everyone!

During the recent summit, we discussed the future of our mobile apps. We believe that the MusicBrainz app serves a particular user base which is highly interested in scrolling through their collections, using the barcode scanner, searching for entities and viewing this data with a native mobile experience. The tagger in the android app is not accurate and doesn’t carry forward the expectations brought in from using Picard on the Desktop. Hence, we have decided to retire the tagger from the MusicBrainz app.

Recently, we have added the BrainzPlayer to the app, Spotify support and functionalities to review and submit listens to ListenBrainz. While the features are really good, they don’t align with the MusicBrainz app and confuse the two separate user bases, that of MusicBrainz and ListenBrainz.

Given that we have limited contributors working on our mobile apps, we have decided to separate the two mobile apps with their respective features. MusicBrainz App will be stripped of these excessive features, while also removing the tagger and continue to be available on the Play store as a minimalistic app.

Our major focus will move to the ListenBrainz app which will continue to have regular updates and features made while existing on the Play store as a separate app.

We are excited and happy with this announcement. Hope you agree with our decision. Thank you!

Author: akshaaatt

Coding Geek, Open Source Enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Mobile Apps: Let’s welcome the ListenBrainz App!”

  1. Hi! The suggestion during the summit was IIRC that iOS might happen once we’re comfortable enough with the state of the app and LB itself has more users, possibly in a year or so, but nothing certain yet 🙂

  2. that’s great to hear @reosarevok, i am glad that it is in the pipeline. i was worried that maybe apple was very stringent about the album artwork and music content, but that’s great that it’s under consideration. thanks for the update.

  3. Thanks for the summary Akshat, looking forward to seeing the streamlined apps start nabbing those 5 star reviews they deserve ❤

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