Server update, 2017-10-31

Boo! Release cycle was interrupted during the MetaBrainz Summit 17 and is now back to the usual period of two weeks. This release contains a lot of code refactoring, some admin tooling, and a few fixes. Optimizations were made to parts of the web service, particularly for JSON and browse requests. Anti-spam measures taken in July have been relaxed, as well as the period of time allowed for auto-editing newly added entities. The git tag is v-2017-10-31.


  • [MBS-9313] – Adding first release event should be an auto-edit
  • [MBS-9513] – User interface locales with country code are not working


  • [MBS-9488] – Rename “limited user” to “new user”
  • [MBS-9519] – Hide biography, homepage, and collections description of limiter users from not-logged-in users


  • [MBS-9496] – Modbot “ac being changed because of name change” edit note is confusing
  • [MBS-9505] – Extend time period to edit your own entries to 1 day
  • [MBS-9515] – Block adding Wikipedia relationships to anchors

One thought on “Server update, 2017-10-31”

  1. Big shout out for bringing collections for not logged-in users back again relatively quickly! (If I’ve read that correctly)
    I was skeptical about it happening, but I was wrong and you guys are the best 😉

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