New MusicBrainz test VM available

There is a new test VM available for anyone who would like to try the latest, possibly not fully debugged, VM. I’m not sure why the VM is nearly 20GB larger than the previous one, while containing roughly the same stuff, but that is what we’re stuck with for this test. I’ll try harder to minimize the size for the final build.

Grab the VM here.

Read these Usage tips.

IMPORTANT: Please ignore the usage tips published on the wiki — they do not apply to this release. For the next release I’ll try and match more of the characteristics of the last version. Do read the usage tips above!

File a bug here.

10 thoughts on “New MusicBrainz test VM available”

  1. That is great news, thanks!

    I was going to send a PR once I got the final VM out. Thanks for putting the docker image together. That makes this whole VM business much easier!

  2. For ESXI users, I thought I’d share my notes for converting the musicbrainz OVF for ESXI use
    (Tested on Esxi 6.0.0 build 3620759 and imported with VI client 6.0.0 build 3562874)

    Vmware OVFtool (requires free signup on vmware)

    MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility

    Once OVFtool is installed, open an elevated shell and navigate to the OVFtool folder:

    cd “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool”

    then run:
    ovftool.exe –lax “{path-to-virtualbox-OFV-file}” “{path-to-create-destination-vmware-OFV-file}”

    Go get coffee, wait until you see “Completed Successfully” (ignore any missing manifest errors)

    Open the new OVF file in a text editor, and edit this line:


    to look like this:


    Now locate this section:

    SATA Controller

    and change to look like this:

    SCSI Controller

    Save the OVF file and close editor.

    Open the SHA1 checker and get the hash sum of the newly saved OVF file.

    Open the .mf file in your text editor and replace the old SHA1 hash with the new one, save/close

    Now import the OVF in your VI Client (File, Deploy OVF Template…)

  3. The default ip for the VM 10.x.x.x.x is not the subnet I use for my network; can I change this to a static IP within my subnet to get it to work or will changing the IP break something? I usually have all of my VM NICs in “bridge” mode not NAT or Host Only, is this possible too?

  4. Thanks Dustin. I am going to try that out. Did you add a bridged nic or did you change the nat/host only nic to bridge mode?

  5. What’s the default SSH login? the previous default login vm/musicbrainz no longer work.

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