Server update, 2016-10-10

With a looming deadline for switching to our new hosting facilities (early November), we didn’t have any release last month, and this one is several days late. But we’ve got some good contributions from chirlu and yvanz, especially in the area of URL validation and cleanup, which we’re finally releasing. Much of yvanz’s work has been to refactor our URL cleanup code so that it’s stricter and more robust. Thanks, chirlu & yvanz! You can view the complete changelog below.

The git tag is v-2016-10-10.


  • [MBS-8744] – Block Generasia URLs from Releases
  • [MBS-9069] – Submitting cover art with a long comment fails silently


  • [MBS-8796] – Set a referrer policy for HTTPS pages
  • [MBS-9012] – New Discogs image URLs need cleaning up into release URLs
  • [MBS-9053] – Clean up into the non-mobile site
  • [MBS-9072] – Verify that tport is an integer


  • [MBS-5733] – Allow “otherdatabases” to be validated in URLCleanup
  • [MBS-5736] – Test that the JavaScript catches bad URL entries
  • [MBS-6378] – Add tests for validationRules constraints in URLCleanup.js

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