Wiki read-only period tomorrow, September 7

Our wiki’s been needing an upgrade for some time, and we’re ready to make the switchover. However, as you may imagine, upgrading from MediaWiki 1.11.2 to 1.19.2 isn’t a trifling matter (though kudos to the MediaWiki team for it even being possible in one step!), so we’ll need a few hours to run upgrade scripts and migrate servers (though we’ve worked to make it as quick as possible). The wiki will be available during this time, but will be read-only until the switchover is complete.

The read-only window for the upgrade will start at 15:30 PDT/MST, or 22:30 UTC. The wiki will be back, shiny and new, sometime 1.5-3 hours later, presuming everything goes according to plan.

Thanks for your understanding, and hopefully you’ll agree the new wiki is much improved!

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