Wiki updated!

As we mentioned yesterday, the wiki was read-only for a period today as we performed some much-needed upgrades. The new wiki is now live on and testing is encouraged to make sure we didn’t miss anything! It isn’t available as of this writing because a DNS change is required, but the old wiki will remain available at for some period of time, in a read-only state.

The new wiki has a few changes:

  1. You’ll see that the style has changed; instead of maintaining our own complete MediaWiki skin, we’re now just doing some modifications on top of the provided monobook skin.
  2. Login is now required to edit pages, partly as a spam-mitigation measure and partly because people were often editing without logging in, which made it hard to track down who exactly changed a page.
  3. The MediaWiki API should now be accessible, from
  4. Finally, A few extensions have shuffled around and been updated as well; the full details are available on

If you find mistakes in our setup, please contact me: ‘ianmcorvidae’ on the MusicBrainz site and on IRC, and via email; or, file a ticket on (under MusicBrainz Hosting, assign to “Ian McEwen”).

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