Please Help Us Sanity Check More Removals

ocharles has just finished work on MBS-2547 which will result in empty labels and empty release groups also being deleted as part of our daily clean up jobs, just like empty artists are currently deleted. As we’ve never cleaned up empty labels or release groups in the past, there is quite a bit of data that will be deleted in the first run. Before we run this, we would like to share it with the community in case any of this data is important.

The cleanup algorithm is mostly the same as it is for artists. Labels and release groups will only be deleted if:

  • They have existed for more than 24 hours
  • They have no open edits, or open edits that show up in their edit history
  • They have no relationships
  • They have no releases

Here are the lists of labels and release groups that would be removed, if we were to run the script right now:

If you do not want a label or release group to be deleted, please add relationships, as you would with artists or works.

5 thoughts on “Please Help Us Sanity Check More Removals”

  1. IMHO ISBN could be made into a useful special-purpose label. I have at least one CD that came as part of a book+CD package, and doesn’t have a proper catalog number, just a publisher and ISBN.

    Or would this CD be entered as:
    Label: Random House (or whatever)
    Catalog number: ISBN 0 12345-67890-1

  2. Good initiative!

    It seems that the emptiness of the first three release groups was resolved already: Hip Holidays, Hip Holidays, International Hits

    Regarding the empty labels: Would not it be practical to list labels with filled attributes (type, founded, label code, country) separately? These are more likely to be candidates for keeping.

  3. @arensb: I’d do publisher-as-label, ISBN-as-catalog (or barcode, or both) myself, I think, yeah.

  4. Good Idea,
    and I agree with pabouk – that would make it way easier to review the list of labels ! Labels with filled attributes should be watched more closely while the rest can be deleted 😉

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