Downtime: We need to tidy house and vacuum our database

Today at 4pm PDT (7pm EDT, Midnight UK, 1am Central European Time) I will take MusicBrainz down for 1 hour for some aggressive vacuuming and tidying in an effort to get our grumpy database server to behave a little better.

Sorry for the trouble!

One thought on “Downtime: We need to tidy house and vacuum our database”

  1. FYI, if you’re planning to run VACUUM FULL then my experience is that CLUSTER is often a better idea. CLUSTER does nearly all in sequential writes, while VACUUM FULL seems to make lots of seeks. This is especially true if the table itself can fit in the cache. (Otherwise the whole table will be read sequentially for each index)

    And having the table sorted by an appropriate key results in better cache locality later on.

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