RDF Web Service will cease to exist after the NGS release

The old skool RDF based web service (at /cgi-bin/mq_2_1.pl /cgi-bin/mq.pl /cgi-bin/rdf_2_1.pl and /cgi-bin/rdf.pl) will cease to exist when we release the Next Generation Schema (NGS) release that will go into a beta release on August 31. This web service has been deprecated for three years now, its finally time to put it out if its own misery.

As of this release the Classic Tagger will completely stop functioning. RIP Classic Tagger!

7 thoughts on “RDF Web Service will cease to exist after the NGS release”

  1. Perhaps we should be removing all reference/download links to it now, in that case?

  2. +1 maybe removing dowload links would be a wise thing to do.

    Is Classic tagger the only tool using those services ? Have the other vendors been notified ?

  3. The future will show you if that was the right decision. Why should every one have its own proprietary standard? Let’s work together to build a better world with Semantic Web.

    Cheers zazi

  4. It would be really lovely if there is a pre-compiled libmusicbrainz3 DLL available for Windows. Cross-compiling is some beast I have not domesticated yet.

  5. libmusicbrainz3 is a C++ library, which means the binary is not compatible across compilers, not even across multiple versions of MSVC. It would be necessary to provide multiple binaries and I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that. If there will be a binary dll, it will be only for mingw.

  6. A mingw DLL version of libmusicbrainz3 would be sufficient for me as I don’t use a C++ compiler anyway (lack of C++ knowledge is possibly one reason I did not manage to create the DLL myself). From what I have seen in the sources there is a C-compatible interface available and that is what I wanted to use.

  7. I agree. It would be very great to have a precompiled ready-to use DLL of libmusicbrainz3 which one can use for developing. Compiling the DLL with it’s dependencies (particularly the dependencies’ dependencies 😉 ) sucks.

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