Release groups and ISRC release is complete!

We’ve just finished rolling out our latest release to support Release Groups, ISRCs and CD Stub searching!

For all the details on this release, check out the release notes.
I would like to thank Luks, Dave Evans, Navap, Outsidecontext, Voiceinsideyou, Murdos, Pronik, Prodoc and everyone else who has helped put this release together! Thank you for all your hard work!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Matt Wood!

8 thoughts on “Release groups and ISRC release is complete!”

  1. Are there plans for more automated merging of release groups?

    One obvious target seems to be UK singles, released on the same date and with the same name or same name followed by (disc x).

    Also, I’ve noticed a couple of albums that are now listed as “other” because it has been merged into a release group with a bonus EP.

  2. I hope that in the future, when multiple translations are available for any given release, we get to pick the default language that is shown in the release list.

  3. dave:

    We have no plans for more automatic conversions — we tried more things, but they produced a lot of false positives. This makes it a lot more work to clean things up. Instead we’re going to add a report that shows possible release groups that could be merged.

  4. Now that we have release groups, should’nt we link them to Discogs release groups?

  5. Nine99: We do not have advanced relationships for release groups yet. Those wont come until NGS.

  6. Is there any way to make it so I don’t have to click on the release group and then the release, instead of just clicking on the release as in the past?

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