Privacy policy inconsistencies

Recently we’ve received two bug reports that point out two inconsistencies in our privacy policy:

  • MBS-5708: It’s not possible to disable the display of cover art but the privacy policy claims it is. There are two possible options for fixing this; fix the privacy policy or make a new preference. Which would you prefer?
  • MBS-5709: Inclusion of Google Analytics is in violation of the privacy policy. This one is more tricky, since we link to other third parties (, gravatar, captcha) that are also not mentioned in the policy. And changing the policy for each time we add a new third party becomes cumbersome. No clear solutions have formed around this issue, so we would like your feedback on this.

If you care about our privacy policy, please take a moment to read these bugs and comment on them. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Privacy policy inconsistencies”

  1. Make a new preference. Also include the ability to call/show cover of individual files rather than just album art.

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