It's been a slow week

This week I ar’ been mostly scanning surface scanning Maxtor hard disks. It’s a slow operation – very slow – so I’ve had zero chance to work on MB really.

After one my IDE drives in my home machine started to fail a couple of weeks ago, I decided to invest in a triplet of nice big new Serial ATA hard disks and a RAID controller. I got them on Monday, and of course I wanted to install them straight away.

Unfortunately it looks like at least one of the disks is bad. Plus, the Linux (2.6 kernel) driver only allows me to use the controller for the really basic things (format disks, mount them, use them), so if I want to do more complex stuff like creating and destroying arrays or surface scanning the disks I have to do that in the BIOS, which of course means the machine is not doing other things (like letting me read mail, browse the web or hack on mb_server).

So far I’ve done one surface scan out of three – it took about 19 hours. It claimed it found nothing wrong, but I’m in a sceptical mood.

2 thoughts on “It's been a slow week”

  1. Wouldn’t a low level format be sufficient? IIRC it writes bad sector to the hard-drive’s black list. The most vendors offer boot disks tools for low level formats.

  2. Well, maybe. But there are a LOT of bad blocks, and the other two disks I’ve now verified are fine. Anyway after much fighting with the vendor’s new all-web, no-human-contact system I’ve almost arranged to return the dud one.

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