Server Updates

Login names and passwords are case-sensitive. The #musicbrainz IRC channel is logged and archived. HTML and CSS improvements.

Changes since the last release (10 Feb 2003):


  • a lot of people were experiencing problems uploading anything more
    than a small amount of TRM data at a time, using the Tagger. This was
    due to some server code which was too slow, the client was “timing out” waiting for it. The offending code has now been sped up a lot, so you shouldn’t see that error any more.
  • when showing TRM collisions in the tagger, sort the albums by artist and show the artist name
  • when showing found albums/tracks in the tagger, show the album
    attributes (e.g. “Official Album”, “Official Various Artists
    Compilation”). Also show the track length.
  • when a discid has just been added (via the tagger), show the album
    you’ve just added the discid to.
  • fixed a bug whereby sometimes “various artists” albums were not
    returned to the tagger


  • login names, as well as passwords, are now case-sensitive
  • ensured that the “related artist” data is maintained for artist
    removals and artist merges
  • when merging artists or moving an album, the “source” artist is never shown as a possible match. Also a full search is done for artists (e.g. if you enter “Bach”, you’ll get every artist matching “Bach”, not just J.S.Bach)

Other web updates

  • the MusicBrainz IRC channel is now logged and archived! You can see the archives here: . There’s a link to that page on the “contact us” page.
  • fixed a bug whereby sometimes an album’s displayed discid/TRM/track counts were incorrect
  • various textual pages updated, especially the front page, the Finances page, and the download page
  • My and Rob’s TODO lists are now much more up-to-date (and are much
    more likely to be /kept/ up-to-date, since it’s now easier for us to do). However, these pages aren’t really there on the staging server, but trust me, they’ll be there when it goes live.
  • general re-working of some HTML to be more “modern”, making more use of CSS

Other (non-web) server updates

  • various fixes and improvements relating to importing and exporting data.

Dave Evans

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