OperaTrackStyle in beta period

Those who participated to it’s elaboration feel OperaTrackStyle is stable. We have now reached the next phase: the users who feel like testing the new StyleGuide are invited to do so. Remember that we are still in beta phase: you shouldn’t do mass edits yet, but rather choose atypical edits which might reveal problems with the new StyleGuide. Links to successful or problematic edits should be posted on this forum thread or in the mb-style mailing list.

Beta Period for Style Guidelines (aka Don's suggested new style evolution procedure)

In the last month the Style Council has worked on a couple of guidelines for classical music, and the first one of these is nearly ready: The OperaTrackStyle will describe how track titles for Operas should be written.

There were also discussions about how to make the style-changing process simpler and less tiresome. Now Aaron suggested to use “Don’s suggested new style evolution procedure” to make this new guideline official.

So, I suppose, I should explain a bit what that procedure would be. The explanation is attached as a podcast, since I still cannot type too much.

New AdvancedRelationship type for Transl*ated Titles

After many months of discussion, a new advanced relationship type for translated or transliterated titles has been created. This proposal hasn’t been fully implemented; a new Release Status for transl*ations that aren’t actual releases still needs to be implemented in the server (there is a vote on the Wiki for the best name for this), and there is still discussion on the -style mailing list about the need for explicit attributes marking translation vs. transliteration, but the basic AR, representing the parts of this proposal that have reached consensus, has finally reached the main server.

Thanks to everybody who participated (and is participating) in this very long and drawn out process.

Recent Updates to Style Guidelines

The Classical Release Artist Style passed an RFV last week. It provides for performers to be used as Release Artists for albums that would otherwise be listed under Various Artists (as there are multiple composers).

Also added was a series-specific style for the “Promo Only” series. This is now the second Series Style Guideline (the first was for the OverClocked ReMix (OCReMix) series).

"Top something" Playlists do not belong in MusicBrainz

Edit #5258089 has raised the issue how MusicBrainz should handle “XY’s Top 50” playlists or the like.

After some discussion and a Request for Comments on the style mailing list, I have summarised the appearing consensus in this Request for Veto:

Bootleg torrents that are compilations based on playlists of charts authorities (like Billboard’s) should not be stored in MusicBrainz as releases. These playlists are often copyrighted by their issuers.

This has now been accepted. Therefore the “releases” representing such playlists should be removed from MusicBrainz, unless of course there are real compilations out there.

The logic behind this, is that these are not actual releases. The information they hold is just that of a playlist and releases are used as a hack to store this information in MusicBrainz. These “releases” clutter up the discography pages and might even get MB into trouble because of copyright issues.

Concrete cases are the Billboard’s Top n of the year yyyy and the John Peel Festive 50.

I still have not found a good place to write this down in the wiki. Suggestions are welcome.