NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-14

Another week, another set of bug fixes! Here’s what we’ve addressed since the last release:


  • [MBS-1231] – Age information for a person looks weird
  • [MBS-1924] – Allowed merge direction for "Merge mediums and recordings" strategy seems non-intuitive
  • [MBS-1995] – Time from TOC is calculated incorrectly
  • [MBS-2000] – CC URL relationship does not allow selection of license
  • [MBS-2049] – Docs not in the transclusion table seem to be perma-cached
  • [MBS-2062] – Menu link ‘About->Auto-editor elections’ is invalid.
  • [MBS-2169] – Label entered regardless of clearing text
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2347] – Seed particular release after clicking on the recording tabs it comes back with Frequent 502 Bad Gateway
  • [MBS-2376] – Inline search results disappear when clicking on the little arrows two times
  • [MBS-2391] – You should not be able to add the same CDTOC multiple times on the same medium
  • [MBS-2399] – Problems with mediums having duplicate CD TOCs
  • [MBS-2408] – Guess Case deletes volume and part numbers
  • [MBS-2447] – "Charter Member" thing no longer shown
  • [MBS-2483] – Edit URL edit for a removed URL displays wrong
  • [MBS-2485] – no way to merge a various artist clone into the default "Various Artists" artist
  • [MBS-2529] – Orphaned release group and recordings after rejecting or cancelling a release/medium
  • [MBS-2550] – Re-add the "Subscribe to artists I add" option
  • [MBS-2552] – Allow removing a RG that has relationships
  • [MBS-2560] – Internal Server Error when removing medium from a release
  • [MBS-2644] – Internal server error while trying to add a disc ID
  • [MBS-2645] – Error in the message when trying to relate works to recordings
  • [MBS-2651] – Edit shows up in unrelated artists’ edit history
  • [MBS-2658] – Edit URL edits cannot close if the URL being edited has since been merged
  • [MBS-2659] – Edit relationship fails if the relationship has since been edited into the same relationship
  • [MBS-2705] – Adding a note to an edit which has an existing note w/o timestamp gets presented out of order
  • [MBS-2724] – IPIs don’t appear when added in Add artist edits
  • [MBS-2744] – Track removals not shown in tracklist diff


  • [MBS-1395] – Put relationship attributes descriptions inside of an HTML "label" tag
  • [MBS-1449] – Inline Search: relate to recordings and/or works on releases
  • [MBS-1982] – Add twitter link to home page
  • [MBS-2007] – Lack of spacing between the top nav search and the dropdown to accompany it
  • [MBS-2269] – Release editor > When new disc is added, check if the last disc is empty and replace it
  • [MBS-2299] – Display one-line TOC on discId page
  • [MBS-2430] – Tagger button for standalone recordings
  • [MBS-2459] – Timeline graph needs copyable URLs
  • [MBS-2697] – Could use a link to add a VA release group
  • [MBS-2721] – Sort recordings by comment

New Feature

  • [MBS-2567] – Statistics about artist countries


  • [MBS-1916] – Edit release label edit doesn’t display properly

NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-01

We’ve now slowed down a bit from the hot fixes and are starting to roll out weekly releases. To kick things off, here’s what we’ve just pushed out to the main servers:


  • [MBS-1071] – Relationships with pending edits should be highlighted
  • [MBS-1937] – Subscriptions email is not sorted
  • [MBS-1960] – Historic add release group edits have an invalid data section for artist credits
  • [MBS-2046] – Global ratelimits are not applied
  • [MBS-2055] – Add release/add disc: cannot add tracks or edit track lengths; leaving the tracklist tab loses tracklists; other problems
  • [MBS-2080] – Tracks times not being shown in release editor when DiscID is present
  • [MBS-2187] – IPIs from ASCAP not accepted
  • [MBS-2239] – Newly created work does not appear on the author’s list of works
  • [MBS-2247] – ModBot shouldn’t remove artists which were recently added
  • [MBS-2305] – Release groups shown twice on tag overview page for tag with releases and release groups.
  • [MBS-2316] – Broken link in "edits for your subscription" email
  • [MBS-2339] – Editing tracklist -> error
  • [MBS-2340] – Release tags do not show up in user’s created tags
  • [MBS-2375] – Label codes on label pages don’t have leading zeros anymore
  • [MBS-2380] – file error – work/ not found
  • [MBS-2393] – Error when searching works for certain strings.
  • [MBS-2395] – Use the link type name in /ws/2/ XML
  • [MBS-2397] – can’t watch an artist
  • [MBS-2457] – Multiple Entries of the Same DiscID, not editable
  • [MBS-2464] – "Remove recording" edit is not displaying recording


  • [MBS-1966] – Open edits list now backwards, showing newest edits first
  • [MBS-2074] – Change the label of the button at the bottom of the page from "Vote on All Edits" to "Save Changes"
  • [MBS-2290] – Replace letter x with multiplication sign.
  • [MBS-2379] – Wording in subscriptions email is inaccurate
  • [MBS-2396] – Make it possible to return recording and work level ARs from /ws/2/release


  • [MBS-2063] – Detail ws/2 ISRC submission process

Ian McEwan, one of this years Google Summer of Code students, now has his first bit of work in MusicBrainz as well:

I have created a basic graph with a subset of the core entities and some limited interactivity.

This is essentially a stripped down version of the old MusicBrainz timeline. Lots more interesting features to come with this project, and it’s showing great potential!

The Git tag for this release is v-2011-06-01-ngs-bugfixes.

NGS hotfixes for 2011-05-27

A small set of fixes to finish the week. The next release after this is currently scheduled for Wednesday. Thanks for sticking with us through the NGS launch week! Please keep the bug reports coming in, no matter how insignificant you think the issue may be, your reporting has been tremendously helpful. The Git tag for this version is ocharles/v-2011-05-27-ngs-hotfixes – the official tag will be out late Monday (I don’t have a key to sign the tag with).

One note about the Sound Juicer/RhythmBox issues – this is actually a problem with programs being compiled against libmusicbrainz2, instead of libmusicbrainz3 and there’s nothing we can do about these problems. If you are experiencing problems we recommend you compile from source, or wait/pester your distribution to update their packages.


  • [MBS-2249] – Sound Juicer no longer works with NGS
  • [MBS-2274] – Sort names being returned incorrectly for multiple artist credits on /ws/1
  • [MBS-2295] – UX: Add Missing Entities loses your selections for artists if you forget to select (or add new artist sort-name for) one of them
  • [MBS-2296] – FixTrackLength script (aka modbot automatically setting track lengths) checks are wrong
  • [MBS-2328] – When seed release editor with recording ids for tracks the Release Editor associates them with the wrong tracks unless recording ids have been allocated for every track
  • [MBS-2332] – Error trying to edit tracklist of a release to remove excesive quoting
  • [MBS-2350] – Subscribe link doesn’t work (missing id)


  • [MBS-2353] – Update javascript code for relationships so Wikipedia URL are recognized automatically for works

NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-24

More bug fixes for the NGS release, keeping up with our promise of daily hot fixes! A lot of work today, but a good whack of it is still in review, so that will be coming tomorrow. Here’s what you should see on the servers:


  • [MBS-1896] – Editing Artist/Label Name capitalisation results with "Possible Duplicate Artists" warning
  • [MBS-2106] – Unable to add new release using FreeDB import: process freezes when clicking "Add disc" radio button
  • [MBS-2163] – Internal Server Error attempting to assign a title to a medium
  • [MBS-2171] – Expand Disc does not result in the correct action
  • [MBS-2179] – Remove disc in release editor tracklist pane does nothing
  • [MBS-2181] – Internal Server Error when submitting edit to remove and add disc
  • [MBS-2203] – Internal server error when importing VA release from freedb via freedb search > import
  • [MBS-2206] – Advanced editor: Can’t add tracks to new mediums
  • [MBS-2254] – Viewing the page for a tag which is only present on works gives a internal server error for template
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2267] – Number of mediums doubled on ‘Disc IDs’ page
  • [MBS-2279] – Medium heading displayed twice in list of disc IDs
  • [MBS-2280] – [ws/1] release-group search returns invalid xml
  • [MBS-2284] – Disc IDs shown with duplicate CD1/CD2 headings


  • [MBS-1717] – Allow selecting the release group of a release in the release editor

Please feel free to make use of these, if you want to do more testing, remember our test servers are also up to date! The tag for this version in Git is v-2011-05-24-ngs-hotfixes

NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-23

We’ve just finished rolling out todays bug fixes to last weeks NGS release. We’re going to be carrying on daily releases in this fashion for at least the next week.


  • [MBS-379] – Release search shows incorrect # tracks.
  • [MBS-1930] – Release view: Inconsistent display of fields in sidebar between tabs
  • [MBS-2052] – Cannot add new releases- "A track name is required on track <N>" for all tracks when submitting with discId/toc
  • [MBS-2069] – Adding a duplicate relationship gives an internal server error
  • [MBS-2072] – Release added against incorrect existing tracklist, even after track removed in release editor
  • [MBS-2099] – Add PUIDs edits should not appear in artist editing history
  • [MBS-2110] – Internal Server Error adding Jaikoz-sourced release on Edit Notes page of release editor
  • [MBS-2125] – Creating a release based on another one uses wrong track list
  • [MBS-2128] – Internal server error when searching for edits
  • [MBS-2145] – Duplicated ISRCs allowed on recording
  • [MBS-2148] – Internal Server Error while creating RG <-> RG AR
  • [MBS-2152] – Possible to add releases with no mediums
  • [MBS-2156] – Server error: Splitting a collaboration into credits
  • [MBS-2182] – Cannot display country/gender of artists in indexed release search results
  • [MBS-2208] – Database Statistics shows percentage over 100%
  • [MBS-2217] – Internal Server Error viewing my edits page
  • [MBS-2218] – Internal Server Error performing /ws/2 PUID lookup
  • [MBS-2222] – Errors when submitting relationship without selecting a type
  • [MBS-2251] – Webservice fails if query includes "&"


  • [MBS-1971] – Guess medium position from the release title when merging releases
  • [MBS-2094] – Missing space in "~Release"

The tag for this version in Git is ‘v-20110523-ngs-hotfixes’

First NGS Bug Fix Release Now Out

Our first set of bug fixes have now been deployed on our production servers! Please keep the bug reports coming in, we’re aiming to do almost daily releases until we really get things stable. Here are the bugs that are now fixed:


  • [MBS-1660] – “To be cancelled” edits aren’t highlighted
  • [MBS-1665] – “Artist as credited” gray default must be manually set
  • [MBS-1776] – Seeding releases no longer picking up tracks on
  • [MBS-1888] – Change direction shown for relationships where changing the direction is not possible
  • [MBS-1897] – 500 error in release editor
  • [MBS-1898] – Changing artist {credit} for release and tracks in VA conflicts
  • [MBS-1902] – Internal Server Error trying to edit a Release<->URL relationship
  • [MBS-1912] – Weirdness after editing release labels
  • [MBS-1913] – “Attribute (params) does not pass the type constraint because: Validation failed for ‘HashRef’ with value undef”
  • [MBS-1931] – Beethoven’s Relationships timeout
  • [MBS-1952] – Simultaneous Release edits impossible
  • [MBS-1954] – Medium edit page shows tracklist when it hasn’t been changed
  • [MBS-1959] – Internal server error when trying to relate a recording to a work
  • [MBS-1962] – Cannot cancel edit
  • [MBS-1963] – Release in a remove release label edit doesn’t display
  • [MBS-1967] – Internal Server Error in relate to recordings
  • [MBS-1977] – ModBot complains more
  • [MBS-1980] – ISE when adding standalone recordings for artists not in the DB
  • [MBS-1996] – Setting track durations from TOC returns back to same page
  • [MBS-2002] – “Internal Server Error” when attempting to add release to existing release group
  • [MBS-2003] – Error entering a various artists edit
  • [MBS-2004] – Internal Server Error attaching Discogs URL
  • [MBS-2006] – Internal Server Error submitting add release label edit
  • [MBS-2019] – Release editor > Advanced tracklist mode > Can’t change artist credits of tracks of a release with 5 mediums
  • [MBS-2024] – Voting twice gives odd results
  • [MBS-2089] – Error displaying release label edit
  • [MBS-2090] – Merge artists doesn’t show whether the keep artist credits box is ticked
  • [MBS-2091] – All relationship IDs in the URL cleanup JS are incorrect
  • [MBS-2100] – Removing an {artist} alias is an autoedit for autoeditors
  • [MBS-2105] – Merged artist not being redirected to target artist

Next Generation Schema Release Candidate 1: Monday January 17th

As of today we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! We feel confident that we can finish all new features (and most improvements as listed in jira) by January 17th. Once we reach RC1 we’re going to freeze the features for NGS and only work to fix bugs in our codebase.

That said, we hope to release NGS onto the main servers sometime in February.

Its been a very long road to NGS, but it is finally tangibly close. I’m getting excited!