VLC, we love you, but we're seeing too much of you!

Dear VLC:

In the last month you grew to more than 25% of our traffic and this is hard for us to handle. We’ve limited the number of requests from VLC to 100 requests per 10 seconds. We need to find a way to help cover our costs for all of this traffic.

In other words, we need to sit down and chat, VLC. Please contact us!



More network maintenance over the weekend

Our hosting provider says:

Date: Saturday, 6/05/2010, 11:59 PM Pacific Time to Sunday, 6/06/2010, 01:30 AM Pacific Time

Digital West will be performing necessary maintenance to our switch farm. This may result in brief losses (10 seconds to 4 minutes) of Internet connectivity between the times listed above, depending on the nature of the service you subscribe to at Digital West. If you are multi-homed, the disruption will be minimal. If you are single-homed, you may notice longer delays.