MusicBrainz gatherings — coming to a country near you!

I will be making a trip to Europe and as part of that I like to go and visit MusicBrainz contributors/fans in lots of places. This time around, I’ll be making the stops listed below. If you’d like to come join me to have a beer or dinner or whatever, please post a comment here and we’ll work out the details:

  • Karlsruhe, Germany: May 1st
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: May 3rd
  • London, United Kingdom: May 7th

Let’s meet up, have a beer and talk about MusicBrainz!

WSJ mentions MusicBrainz

The Wall Street Journal mentioned MusicBrainz in an article on music metadata today. While talking about using acoustic fingerprints to identify music they write:

MusicBrainz offers a program called MusicBrainz Tagger that uses this method, and Gracenote expects its software partners to broadly roll out a similar Gracenote technology this year. You have to download special software for this system to work on your PC.

(reprinted without permission and in fear of the WSJ striking me down)

I’m glad to see that Gracenote is still playing catch-up with MusicBrainz. Somewhat ironic, isn’t it?

Brainzers around the world

Nikki and I are randomly hacking on MusicBrainz when I became curious about the distribution about brainzers around the world. One SQL query later we have:

country | count


fr | 1664

de | 1498

uk | 1031

dk | 746

ru | 670

nl | 454

pl | 409

ca | 348

au | 271

it | 270

This is compiled from email addresses of registered users that use their country top level domains. This obviously cuts out all the .net, .com, .org addresses, which is a lot of people. But this gives a decent idea of the reach that MusicBrainz has into the nooks and crannies of the planet. It turns out that we have members from 105 countries, which if we’re counting 238 country tlds, that comes to 44%. Wow!

Read on for the complete list…

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BBC Thinking Lunch presentation

Kim Plowright from the BBC was kind enough to invite me to speak to the BBC about online communities and MusicBrainz. The presentation went well and the question and answer session allowed us (Dave Evans, RJ@AudioScrobbler, Russ@AudioScrobbler and myself were in attendance) meet some of the BBC folks. Dan Hill from the BBC even asked me how the Advance Relationship work was going — I was expecting all kinds of questions, but I was surprised by that one.

Here are the presentation slides I used.

MusicBrainz Pub Night

I’d like to announce a MusicBrainz Pub Night in London Nov 30th at 6:30pm.

If you’d like to meet Dave Evans and myself in person, chat about MusicBrainz and have a pint, please come join us. Right now I haven’t picked out a pub yet, so if you have a suggestion for a good pub (should be a classic pub, large enough to handle 6 – 10 of us, not too noisy), please leave a comment.

So, who can make it?

Welcome to the MusicBrainz community weblog!

We recently started discussing setting up a blog for MusicBrainz contributors to post information about the work they are doing in order to keep the community up to date. Having gotten no negative feedback on the idea, I proceeded to make it happen.

I really like Movable Type — its a great piece of software, and SixApart agreed to donate license for Moveable Type — that’s a $249.95 value! We can now publish this blog and add up to 35 users to this blog. I think that should suffice for the immediate future. 🙂

Thank you very much to Mena, Ben, Mie and Barak at SixApart! You guys rock and so does your software!

If you are a MusicBrainz contributor and would like to get an account to post this webblog, please send me some mail and I’ll set it up.