Preparing for Year In Music Report

The ListenBrainz Year In Music Report is approaching, and in order to make the most out of it, we recommend that users who utilize various import methods complete their listen imports by January 2nd.

To provide the most accurate Year In Music reports it is important that we identify the recordings to which you’ve listened. If we can’t identify your listens correctly, your Year in Music reports will also be incorrect. We aim to automatically identify all the listens that come in, but this challenging task isn’t always carried out with 100% success.

In order to give users more control over the linking of their listens, we have introduced a new feature allowing users to directly link their listens to a MusicBrainz recording from the ListenBrainz website. To correct an incorrectly linked listen, navigate to the listens page and select the Link with MusicBrainz option from the dropdown menu next to a listen.

A dialog box will appear, allowing you to paste a link to the desired MusicBrainz recording. Click the Add mapping button to establish a connection between the recording and all listens with the same track and artist name.

Please note that if the recording was recently added to MusicBrainz, it may take up to 4 hours for the link to start working. While this is an initial version of the feature, we have plans to make the process more user-friendly in the future.

Happy Linking!

Welcoming GSoC 2022 students!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal to MetaBrainz for this year’s Summer of Code!

This year, we have selected seven projects. The chosen students and projects are:

Ansh Goyal – BookBrainz and CritiqueBrainz: CritiqueBrainz reviews for BookBrainz entities

Ashutosh Aswal – MusicBrainz Android App: Adding BrainzPlayer in Android App

Prathamesh Ghatole – ListenBrainz: Clean Up The Music Listening Histories Dataset

Shatabarto – ListenBrainz: Send a track to another user as a personal recommendation

Shubh – BookBrainz: Unified Creation Form

skelly37 – Picard: Make Picard work in single instance mode, then improve existing error handling and crash info.

Yuzie – ListenBrainz: Add Timezone support to ListenBrainz

Welcome aboard and congratulations!
Your contributions to MetaBrainz projects and the community are impressive and admirable. We look forward to work with you over the summer and see your work come to fruition 🙂

Communication is the key to success in a closely knit community as ours. Always feel free to reach out to your mentors and other members of the community if you face any issues (stuck in your code, health or family emergencies, etc.). We, the mentors, are here to support and help you.

For all the students that applied but did not get accepted: we appreciate your applications, and even if you did not make the cut this year, we hope that you will stick around and apply with us again next year when we know you better – and you know us better.

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