Redesigning ListenBrainz

Today we are pleased to present the new and improved ListenBrainz website!

Since 2019, we have been adding features and pages to the ListenBrainz website without a clear plan as to what we wanted the interface to look like.
The result is a website that is not very user friendly, with poor mobile screens support and features hidden behind menu items that are hard to discover. It’s a mess.

We have been working hard to redesign the website with those goals in mind: simplify the menu and navigation into clear sections, make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, and refresh and improve the overall look and feel of the website.

The new user Dashboard

The main menu now has three top-level categories:

Feed: the social side of ListenBrainz; expect big improvements to these pages
Dashboard: for everything related to your (or other users) music taste and stats
Explore: all the nifty features we come up with will have a home here and be easily discoverable

The new Explore page

This is only the first step of this redesign; in the coming months we will continue improving the layout and functionality page by page, as well as reviewing the sign-up and onboarding process to make it easier for new users.

If you have feedback for us (and we welcome it!) please come talk to us in this forum post

None of this would have been possible without @aerozol‘s exceptional efforts making UI mockups for our websites.
Thanks also to everyone who gave feedback on the community forums and helped with beta testing.

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