MusicBrainz Server update, 2022-02-28

This release includes a fair amount of small improvements and bugfixes, including many changes to the edit list headers. It also allows editors to set their gender to the recently-added “non-binary” option.

A new release of MusicBrainz Docker is also available that matches this update of MusicBrainz Server. See the release notes for update instructions.

Thanks to atj, CatQuest, chaban, HibiscusKazeneko, jesus2099, Lotheric, ocharles, PierPiero for having reported bugs and suggested improvements. Thanks to Besnik, grafi_tt, mfmeulenbelt, outsidecontext and salo.rock for updating the translations. And thanks to all others who tested the beta version!

The git tag is v-2022-02-28.

Fixed Bug

  • [MBS-12140] – Empty tag names can be submitted via /ws/2/tag
  • [MBS-12201] – Release Group-Series relationship does not show on series page
  • [MBS-12202] – JazzMusicArchives URLs with parenthesis are blocked
  • [MBS-12215] – Annotation search shows “null” on artist hover
  • [MBS-12216] – Annotation search doesn’t return disambiguation comments


  • [MBS-7912] – New Edit search condition : edit is [not] in my subscriptions
  • [MBS-11475] – Update help links on edit list header
  • [MBS-11477] – Don’t show links to the same page on edit list header
  • [MBS-11478] – Link to users’ open edits / all edits from user’s edit list header
  • [MBS-11479] – Link to Voting suggestions from edit list header
  • [MBS-11480] – Don’t show links to subscription edits in edit list header when logged out
  • [MBS-11482] – Add refine link to edit/open and edit/subscribed_editors
  • [MBS-11483] – Move open edits toggle for /subscribed(_editors) to edit list header
  • [MBS-11742] – Improve YouTube URL cleanup
  • [MBS-12138] – Amazon Music shouldn’t use “(CA)” but “CA” for country of release for conformity with other streaming platform links
  • [MBS-12183] – Display previous value of release annotation field in edit summary
  • [MBS-12203] – Allow non-binary gender for editors
  • [MBS-12204] – Add stats for non-binary gender

New Feature

  • [MBS-9385] – Suggest “None” as packaging for digital media releases
  • [MBS-10668] – Add autoselect + sidebar for TikTok URLs
  • [MBS-12213] – Allow VGMDb artist links on places
  • [MBS-12214] – Allow BBC /events links as otherdatabases for events


  • [MBS-12195] – Drop AcousticBrainz-related code

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