MusicBrainz Server update, 2022-02-14

This is a small release of bugfixes and improvements, since a lot of the team’s focus recently has been on improving code documentation and tests and other behind the scenes tasks. It does fix a couple bugs that had been reported multiple times though (the release editor entering bogus empty annotation edits, and the area selection dropdown sometimes failing to work properly) so hopefully it will still make some of your editing a bit better!

A new release of MusicBrainz Docker is also available that matches this update of MusicBrainz Server. See the release notes for update instructions.

Thanks to yyoung for updating the cleanup for Lantis external links. Thanks to bsammon, jesus2099, kellnerd, Lotheric, mr_maxis, nikki, yindesu and yyoung for having reported bugs and suggested improvements. Thanks to mfmeulenbelt and salo.rock for updating the translations. And thanks to all others who tested the beta version!

The git tag is v-2022-02-14.

Fixed Bug

  • [MBS-2313] – Unnecessary edit annotation edit in the release editor
  • [MBS-11532] – Can’t add a release-area relationship to a release
  • [MBS-12162] – API tag search prompts for user credentials
  • [MBS-12168] – Annotation trimming breaks initial li’s in collection descriptions & user bios
  • [MBS-12187] – Cannot “Show xx more” countries (release events) when merging releases


  • [MBS-12022] – Update cleanup of URLs and display these in the sidebar
  • [MBS-12092] – Make it clear that delete-alias requires edit notes
  • [MBS-12147] – When searching for an e-mail doesn’t give any matches, state so
  • [MBS-12160] – Display raw edit data JSON as sorted for ease of comparison
  • [MBS-12188] – Allow snac links for places
  • [MBS-12189] – Support “names” prefix for DAHR artists
  • [MBS-12191] – Add way for account admins to see a spammer flagged account profile

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