MusicBrainz Server update, 2022-01-31

We took a break for the holidays and we really needed it, it seems, because we took a while to get back in action. But we’re back now, with a release that fixes a bunch of small bugs and gets rid of some annoyances. It also makes it easier to mark spammers as such, making them unable to edit and leave notes and also blocking their profile to hide any spammy links in one click. If you’re wondering why we don’t just delete the accounts, it’s because we want to keep them as fodder to train the still-in-development automatic spam-detecting SpamBrainz project.

A new release of MusicBrainz Docker is also available that matches this update of MusicBrainz Server. See the release notes for update instructions.

Thanks to chaban, culinko, Cyberskull,  outsidecontext, PierPiero, rdswift, sammyrayy, tigerman325 and yindesu for having reported bugs and suggested improvements. Thanks to mfmeulenbelt, RepaNation Distributors and salo.rock for updating the translations. And thanks to all others who tested the beta version!

The git tag is v-2022-01-31.

Fixed Bug

  • [MBS-12121] – “Edit relationship type” edit doesn’t show addition of parent_id
  • [MBS-12133] – jazzmusicarchives URLs with escape characters are blocked
  • [MBS-12142] – Search result number not formatted according to page language
  • [MBS-12155] – JSON web service returns downvoted user genres / tags
  • [MBS-12161] – Pasting long text in Edit annotation form Changelog field leads to DatabaseError
  • [MBS-12164] – Tag cloud amounts not formatted according to page language


  • [MBS-7727] – Restrict Soundcloud to only “stream for free” / “paid streaming” / “download” rels
  • [MBS-10715] – Block short links:
  • [MBS-10716] – Block redirect links:
  • [MBS-12127] – Allow changing all blank artist credits
  • [MBS-12128] – Group restrictive editor flags separately
  • [MBS-12132] – Allow Apple Music music videos on releases
  • [MBS-12159] – Also support links
  • [MBS-12167] – Return to same page when unsubscribing from user/subscriptions

New Feature

  • [MBS-11986] – New technical account flag: Spam(mer)

React Conversion Task

  • [MBS-12049] – Convert the edit index page to React

Other Task

  • [MBS-11995] – Test error messages in external links editor

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