Picard 2.7 Beta 2

The Picard team is happy to announce that Picard 2.7 Beta 2 is now available. This is a pre-release we put out for wider testing and to gather feedback on the changes before the final 2.7 release.
If you prefer stability we recommend you use the stable version Picard 2.6.4.

Please report any issue through our bug tracker and give us feedback on this beta release on the Community Forums.

Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed to this release with code, translations, bug reports and general feedback. This release contains code contributions by Bob Swift, Philipp Wolfer and Laurent Monin.


Picard 2.7 Beta 2 can be downloaded from Picard website Downloads section.

Linux users might want to install the beta version using Snap. If your Linux distribution supports Snap you can install Picard from the beta channel using:

snap install --beta picard

What’s new?

This version contains mainly bug fixes and improvements over previous beta, the only new feature being the possibility to show or hide icons in menus.
It also includes User Interface changes, mainly in Options dialog.


  • PICARD-2290 – macOS: System wide dark mode is not respected
  • PICARD-2291 – Portable Picard 2.7.0b1 on Windows can conflict with system wide Qt5 install
  • PICARD-2293 – macOS: 2.7 beta 1 for macOS 10.12+ requires macOS 10.14
  • PICARD-2294 – Incorrect local file cover art regex can lead to exception
  • PICARD-2297 – Loading many files can cause some files to be skipped and not loaded
  • PICARD-2302 – First function in naming script not displaying tooltip
  • PICARD-2307 – Unable to save Vorbis Comments after $delete script with tag name that’s not valid in Vorbis
  • PICARD-2308 – Add cluster as release does not set track artists
  • PICARD-2311 – ID3 cover art types, as used by ID3, ASF, FLAC and Vorbis, are not preserved
  • PICARD-2314 – Hidden variable ~length gets written to MP4 tags
  • PICARD-2318 – Submit AcousticBrainz features enabled on unmatched files
  • PICARD-2321 – “Keep original cover art” for tracks not showing correctly
  • PICARD-2322 – If files are attached to album on load cover art changes are not shown on album level
  • PICARD-2324 – WavPack correction files are identified as duplicates to their WavPack files and renamed

New Features


  • PICARD-2299 – Extend genre wildcard filtering with “?” and “[…]” matching
  • PICARD-2301 – Slight rewording of “CAA” cover art provider options
  • PICARD-2305 – Restructure user interface options
  • PICARD-2306 – Disable “Convert Unicode Punctuation” option by default

Helping out

The easiest way to help us getting a great Picard 2.7 release is using and testing this beta release. Please report bugs on the Picard issue tracker and provide feedback in the community forums.

Please also help translate Picard. There have been many changes to the user interface existing translations need to be updated for the final 2.7 release. Translating is easy and can be done online: Head over to MusicBrainz’s translation page on Transifex and click on “Help Translate MusicBrainz”.
Once you have registered an account on Transifex you can start translating. For Picard the primary resource to translate is “picard“, but there is also the “picard_appstream” resource, which is used for providing descriptions for various Linux software-center applications, and “picard_installer”, which contains the translations for Picard’s Windows installer.

If you are a software developer you are very welcomed to provide fixes and features. Picard is free software and the source code is available on GitHub. See Developing on the Picard website to get started.

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