Picard 2.6.2 released

Picard 2.6.2 is a maintenance release for the recently release Picard 2.6. It fixes a bug where a plugin update could fail because Picard would use the old version from the network cache.

We also reverted a change from Picard 2.6.1, where if a file had no title or track number in metadata and Picard guesses this information from the file name, the title and track number would show up only as new metadata. This turned out to break people’s workflow who relied on this data for comparison with the actual new metadata loaded from MusicBrainz. For those of you who do not want Picard to automatically guess these tags from file names we will add an option in Picard 2.7 to completely disable this behavior.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

What’s new?


  • [PICARD-2188] – Plugin update can fetch old version from network cache
  • [PICARD-2191] – Revert title and track number guessed from filename should show up as changed metadata

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