Picard 2.6.1 released

Picard 2.6.1 is a maintenance release for the recently release Picard 2.6. It brings bugfixes, performance improvements and some scripting enhancements.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

What’s new?


  • [PICARD-2160] – Switching dark mode in macOS preferences does not change list elements leading to mix of light and dark mode
  • [PICARD-2166] – “Use original values” for a tag on a large selection takes very long with a high CPU usage
  • [PICARD-2168] – Keyboard shortcut to trigger script editor auto completion does not work on macOS
  • [PICARD-2170] – Title and track number guessed from filename should show up as changed metadata
  • [PICARD-2173] – “Search for similar tracks” is enabled by default, causes crash if used without selection
  • [PICARD-2187] – Scripting error in file naming options is not displayed properly

New Features

  • [PICARD-2161] – Add script function $unique to remove duplicate values from multi-value variables
  • [PICARD-2177] – Add script function $replacemulti to replace entries in multi-value variables


  • [PICARD-2157] – Reduce comparison overhead of logging window
  • [PICARD-2162] – Coverart box is slow to update when many files are selected
  • [PICARD-2185] – Remove empty elements from $map() output


This release contains code contributions by Gabriel Ferreira, Bob Swift, Laurent Monin, Philipp Wolfer, Wieland Hoffmann and Adam James.

Many thanks also to all the translators and everyone who tested the beta releases and provided feedback on the community forums, IRC and the issue tracker.

2 thoughts on “Picard 2.6.1 released”

  1. virus detected in picard.exe for both US and EU windows 64bit downloads (w32.trojan.?)

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