MusicBrainz Server update, 2021-03-15

This week we have a lot of small fixes and improvements, including a patch that should fix to the elusive bug where some recording pages would sometimes fail to load with a type error. The fix for that issue involved a large change in how we move data around behind the scenes, and in turn caused a few new issues that were reported and fixed during the beta testing period (even more thanks than usual to all testers!). If you happen to find any small errors that might still have remained undetected during the beta testing period, please do let us know.

A new release of MusicBrainz Docker is also available that matches this update of MusicBrainz Server. See the release notes for update instructions.

Thanks to babelfisch, CatQuest, chaban, Cyberskull, Cyna, Freso, HibiscusKazeneko, jacobbrett, jesus2099, kellnerd, Kid Devine, salo.rock, uLuGaBi and Yurim for having reported bugs and suggested improvements. Thanks to Besnik, Jesús Heriberto López Cisneros, mfmeulenbelt, salo.rock, SpearDog, stevemarsan and SustReal for updating the translations. And thanks to all others who tested the beta version!

The git tag is v-2021-03-19-hotfixes.

Fixed Bug

  • [MBS-8232] – Guess case lowercases after U+201C (left double quotation mark)
  • [MBS-8621] – Inconsistent result between track and release guess case after apostrophe
  • [MBS-9581] – Event locations (areas/places) don’t use relationship credits in lists
  • [MBS-10004] – JSON-LD MBID URIs should be HTTP
  • [MBS-10866] – TypeError was shown for a recording page
  • [MBS-10976] – Unicode Private Use Area characters are stripped during edit process
  • [MBS-11384] – Some (release) countries are untranslated
  • [MBS-11385] – Country names untranslated in indexed search results
  • [MBS-11407] – Errors that go directly through Controller->error expect .tt templates
  • [MBS-11409] – Recurring warning in server logs for recording’s page
  • [MBS-11410] – Edit could not be created while at the same time approving another one had a time-out
  • [MBS-11420] – “Paste Credits” function doesn’t apply artist credit if it matched existing name
  • [MBS-11423] – Beginner editors report doesn’t show any data
  • [MBS-11424] – Release seeding landing page joins multiple values into one
  • [MBS-11426] – Track URL links open wrong medium when medium position is not aligned with CD numbers


  • [MBS-9836] – Guess Case: stop uppercasing “the” in artist names
  • [MBS-9866] – Add some info of what IPI and ISNI are on add forms
  • [MBS-9871] – Display all non-part-of series relationships for a series on pages for entities in the series
  • [MBS-9884] – Use “Created” as label for the begin date of character-type artist
  • [MBS-9987] – JSON-LD: Use “Concept URI” for Wikidata IRIs in the sameAs relation
  • [MBS-10012] – Treat HTTP & HTTPS versions of a link as identical in the entity editor
  • [MBS-10076] – Give a friendlier error when trying to delete an attribute that has children
  • [MBS-10416] – Prevent entering control character in annotation
  • [MBS-10487] – Allow adding instruments and areas from inline search for users with the right privileges
  • [MBS-11398] – Add Qobuz links to sidebar
  • [MBS-11402] – Block smart links:
  • [MBS-11405] – Don’t show ended URL rels in “deprecated relationships” reports
  • [MBS-11408] – Clarify Edit Note Author edit search options
  • [MBS-11419] – Show YouTube Music links on the sidebar
  • [MBS-11422] – Block smart links:
  • [MBS-11427] – Add new fields to release editor seeding testing page (seed-love-bug)
  • [MBS-11431] – Speed up /ws/js/check_duplicates
  • [MBS-11433] – Add Mp3tag to the Products header menu and main page tagger list

React Conversion Task

  • [MBS-11403] – Convert attribute in use page to React/JSX

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