Picard 2.5.1 released

Picard 2.5.1 is a maintenance release, fixing some bugs and providing minor improvements to the recent 2.5 release. Thanks a lot to everyone who gave feedback and reported issues.

The latest release is available for download on the Picard download page.

What’s new?


  • [PICARD-1987] – Special variables %_multiartist%, %_pregap%, %_datatrack% and %_totalalbumtracks% missing after files got matched to a track
  • [PICARD-1988] – Aborts if directory scan finds a directory which cannot be read
  • [PICARD-1989] – Auto-sizing does not work right on first column
  • [PICARD-1990] – Case-only changes to file names are not applied on Windows if running with Python >= 3.8


  • [PICARD-1985] – Support chorus master recording relationships as “performer:chorus master” instead of second conductor
  • [PICARD-1995] – Add command line parameter –no-player to disable media player
  • [PICARD-1997] – Reduce performance impact of fingerprint status column

The complete list of changes of this and previous releases is available in the changelog. You can also discuss new features or usage on our forums.

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