Picard 2.5 release

Picard 2.5 is now available.

Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed to this release with code, translations, bug reports and general feedback.

What’s new?

This release contains few fixes and improvements over previous beta version. A complete list of changes since the beta release is available below.
New packages can be downloaded from Picard website Downloads section.

As usual, please report any issue through our bug tracker.


  • [PICARD-214] – Take case insensitive filesystems into account when renaming files
  • [PICARD-1972] – Times missing in bottom panel
  • [PICARD-1973] – Multi-value tags getting flattened when files get matched to tracks
  • [PICARD-1974] – Picard crashes when using the same tag name more than once in “Tags from File Names…”
  • [PICARD-1975] – Tags from file names does not properly set hidden tags
  • [PICARD-1976] – Cover art providers do not handle URLs with query arguments correctly
  • [PICARD-1979] – Comment tag in MP4 not saved correctly
  • [PICARD-1982] – Coverart not saving properly


  • [PICARD-1978] – Add keyboard shortcut for Tags From Filenames and allow to place it in toolbar

The whole Picard team would like to thank everyone involved in this project, whether they are developpers, users, translators, documentation contributors.

Since some time the whole Picard documentation is better than ever, thanks, mainly, to the fantastic job rdswift did. With the help of the community we should be able to provide translations for this documentation in upcoming future (tests were done recently). If you want to help, read Contributing page.

You can also discuss new features or usage on our forums.

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