Picard 2.4.4 released

This is another bugfix release for the 2.4 release series of Picard, fixing a couple of issues discovered since Picard 2.4.2 and updating the Spanish and Hebrew translations.

Due to a last minute fix we had both a 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 release today, below is the combined list of changes:


  • PICARD-1916 – Picard crashes on older releases of macOS due to theming exception
  • PICARD-1918 – Saving files fails if there is no front image and “Save only one front image as separate file” is enabled
  • PICARD-1921 – Windows 10: With dark theme inactive checkboxes cannot be distinguished from active ones
  • PICARD-1928 – After clustering fingerprint icon disappears
  • PICARD-1931 – Regression: “Unmatched Files” do not appear when release was deleted from MB



Picard 2.4 is available for download from the download page. For Windows 10 users installing from the Windows Store an update will come automatically as soon as the new release has been approved by Microsoft.

Thanks a lot to all contributors who made this release possible.

One thought on “Picard 2.4.4 released”

  1. Recent Picard versions seems to crash when adding just a moderately large (~100) number of files at once (Windows 7 x64). Adding the same files in chunks works without problem.

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