Picard 2.3.1 released

Picard 2.3.1 has been released and is available for download. This is mainly a bugfix release, but also some smaller improvements and features made it into this version. Notable changes are the addition of the $sortmulti and $reversemulti scripting functions, overall better handling of releases with multiple release countries and some fixes for the AcoustID fingerprinting. See below for a full list of changes.

This release contains code changes by zas, rdswift, outsidecontext and new contributor RaysDev, who also is working on some interesting changes for the next release. Thanks a lot again to everybody who contributed to this in release with code, translations, bug reports and general feedback. The Picard 2.3 release already was well received, but it is thanks to you all that we can provide a sizeable list of improvements just 10 days later.


Picard 2.3.1 is available for download from the download page.


Below is a list of all changes since Picard 2.3. If you are upgrading from an older version you might want to read what is new in Picard 2.3.


  • [PICARD-1745] – Packaged libdiscid is not compatible with macOS 10.12
  • [PICARD-1748] – Many release events can cause the versions context menu to overflow
  • [PICARD-1750] – Existing acoustid_fingerprint tags are not considered for AcoustID submission
  • [PICARD-1754] – DEL always removes release or file from main window
  • [PICARD-1756] – Plugin update fails to compare plugin versions with double digit versions
  • [PICARD-1757] – Crash on loading a release if $div(n,0) is used in a script
  • [PICARD-1760] – Prevent duplicates in top tags editor
  • [PICARD-1762] – Dropping a PDF file on cover art image box doesn’t work
  • [PICARD-1765] – Adding uppercase tags to preserved tags list is not handled correctly
  • [PICARD-1772] – Unexpected results with $num function
  • [PICARD-1773] – Untrapped error on $mod with zero input
  • [PICARD-1774] – $lenmulti with missing name returns “1”

New Feature

  • [PICARD-1743] – Add script functions $sortmulti and $reversemulti to sort and reverse multi-value variables
  • [PICARD-1751] – Provide a %_releasecountries% variable


  • [PICARD-1746] – Change Generate AcoustID Fingerprints shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Y / ⌘⇧Y
  • [PICARD-1752] – Use preferred release countries to select a matching release country if there are multiple
  • [PICARD-1755] – “Supported Languages” on Microsoft Store shows only English (United States)
  • [PICARD-1759] – Make editing tags in top tags list more intuitive
  • [PICARD-1771] – Completely ignore release types set to zero in preferred releases


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