Picard 2.0.3 released: Crash-fixes and scripting improvements

This is a minor release that fixes a lot of crashes and unicode errors on certain platforms. It also reverts a scripting improvement (PICARD-259) which had caused a couple of scripting bugs (PICARD-1207). Scripting now works exactly like Picard 1.4.

As usual, you can find the latest downloads on Picard’s Website.

The change-log is as follows –

Release Notes – Picard – Version 2.0.3


  • [PICARD-1122] – Preferred release type settings are exclusive and should be inclusive
  • [PICARD-1207] – Move additional files feature fails when source directory contains non-ascii characters
  • [PICARD-1247] – Not all “preserved” tags are preserved
  • [PICARD-1305] – Search dialog crashes picard when record doesn’t have an album
  • [PICARD-1306] – picard crashes when opening the options dialog if the cwd doesn’t exist

New Feature

  • [PICARD-1289] – Allow manually running any tagger script


  • [PICARD-1292] – MusicBrainz Picard 2.01 64-bit for windows installs to “C:\Program Files (x86)” by default
  • [PICARD-1302] – Dropping an image from Google image crashes picard
  • [PICARD-1303] – picard crashes when matching a cluster with a release with no tracks
  • [PICARD-1304] – Info dialog for album crashes because track doesn’t have a tracknumber


  • [PICARD-259] – Make file-specific variables available to tagger script


samj1912 out o/


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