Server update, 2018-05-30

React migration resumes with this server release which features rewritten area search results page and fixes a few regressions in editing forms. Thanks to reosarevok who added support for crediting label in relationship. Beatport, Musopen (score) and six other databases are now handled as external links. Some more small issues have been addressed too, including web service/collection bugfix, release display improvement, and other external links updates. The git tag is v-2018-05-30.


  • [MBS-9719] – Convert the area search results page to React


  • [MBS-9675] – Lyrics language dropdown missing while creating works from the relationships editor
  • [MBS-9676] – Cannot select work attributes on non-English localisations
  • [MBS-9704] – 400 Bad Request error when requesting user-tags (or user-ratings) and user-collections
  • [MBS-9710] – Release editor: Add a new recording: You haven’t made any changes!
  • [MBS-9715] – Non-standard barcode entering broken

New Feature

  • [MBS-9630] – Extend relationship credits to labels


  • [MBS-9565] – Update the CD Baby logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-9609] – Update the Bandsintown logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-9646] – Normalize Bandcamp URLs to https
  • [MBS-9670] – Update the Facebook logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-9700] – Extend BnF URLs auto-select, cleanup and validation to instruments


  • [MBS-6130] – Clean and validate Beatport URLs
  • [MBS-8629] – Hide part works from release view
  • [MBS-9326] – Add Beatport links to the sidebar
  • [MBS-9614] – Match with the “purchase for download” release-URL relationship type
  • [MBS-9618] – Extend URL auto-select and validation to series/festivals
  • [MBS-9682] – Allow selection of “download for free” with Google Play
  • [MBS-9684] – Add DRAM to the other databases whitelist
  • [MBS-9685] – Auto-select, clean and validate Musopen URLs as score download for free for works
  • [MBS-9694] – Add TouhouDB to other database whitelist
  • [MBS-9697] – Add the Library of Congress Name Authority File to the other DBs whitelist
  • [MBS-9698] – Add SNAC to the other dbs whitelist
  • [MBS-9702] – Add Prog Archives to the other DBs whitelist
  • [MBS-9717] – Add NDL Authorities to the other DBs whitelist

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