Server update, 2018-02-09

This server release mainly introduces a confirmation request when adding a new release (or a new medium to a release) without setting a format, because entering this information is often skipped, yet the editor usually knows it. It also contains URL cleanup updates and localization bugfixes, and the instrument list template has been rewritten in React. The git tag is v-2018-02-09. Thanks to naiveaiguy and spellew for their contributions!


  • [MBS-9590] – Rewrite the instrument list in React/JSX


  • [MBS-9599] – Translations are not applied on the 404 page
  • [MBS-9600] – Work attribute type and value names are not translated on the work edit form
  • [MBS-9603] – Series ordering type descriptions are not translated on the series edit form

New Feature

  • [MBS-9368] – Ask for confirmation when leaving format empty


  • [MBS-9587] – Add a few Japanese lyrics sites to the whitelist


  • [MBS-9562] – Improve Deezer URL cleanup
  • [MBS-9597] – Update VGMdb URL cleanup to use https
  • [MBS-9612] – Remove locale from URLs

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