New MusicBrainz virtual machine released

I have recently released a new MusicBrainz virtual machine. This virtual machine includes all the important bits of MusicBrainz so you can run your own copy! I’d been hoping for feedback if people have encountered any problems with this VM, but I’ve not received any feedback. Here is to hoping that no news is good news!

For information on how to download, install and access this new virtual machine, take a look at our MusicBrainz Server setup page. The new VM can be downloaded from here via direct download or a torrent download.

Most of the outstanding bugs should be fixed in this release — if not, please open a new ticket.

10 thoughts on “New MusicBrainz virtual machine released”

  1. How do I get the VM working with a bridged network interface? I’d like to access the VM from other computers in my LAN, not only from the VM host.

    IIRC in previous versions I needed to change
    sub WEB_SERVER { “localhost:5000” }
    in musicbrainz/musicbrainz-docker/musicbrainz-dockerfile/ and musicbrainz-server/lib/ to the IP I gave the VM. Now it doesn’t seem to work anymore. There are still references to “localhost:5000” in the html code for js and css files.

    I found more occurrences of “”localhost:5000″” in files underneath ~/musicbrainz-server and change them accordingly, but it didn’t help.

    Did anyone successfully do it or can someone point me into the right direction?

  2. Right now the configuration for changing the host and port is rather lacking and is unlikely to work correctly for you. This is something I hope to change in future releases. Far from ideal, but could an SSH tunnel do the trick as a stop-gap measure?

  3. I can’t get the ova (Version: 2017-09-07) to work with Windows 10 and VirtualBox 5.2.0. All I get is a black screen and it won’t accept any input from the keyboard or mouse. I downloaded the ova using the Download Manager on my Synology NAS. The file size looks correct but I didn’t use any MD5 checksum to compare.

    What the heck am I doing wrong?


  4. Oh, I also can’t get to the webserver using port 5000 on either localhost or The same is true using Putty on, and the internal virtual IP address (

  5. Never mind. I found the problem: VirtualBox 5.2.0 running on Windows 10 host. musicbrainz-vm settings: Storage –> Controller:SATAController –> UNCHECK “Use Host I/O Cache”.

    I hope this helps someone else out.

  6. Like others here I’d be interested in instructions to get this working with apps on another computer. I want to use this with

  7. I can’t connect to the search server at localhost:8080, while server is running and accessible at localhost:5000. Also, I could not access the db from the host, but I’ve solved to connect from inside the VM reading instructions on another thd.

  8. Should this work with VirtualBox 4.3-1? OVA imports but the machine terminates immediately after starting it. Trying to get it working on FreeNAS 9.10

  9. FTP site is issuing connection timeouts. Is the image still available?

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