MusicBrainz User Survey

It’s hard to stress how much MusicBrainz depends on the community behind it. In 2016 alone 20.989 editors made a total of 5.935.653 edits at a continuously increasing rate.

But while MusicBrainz does collect data on a lot of different entities, its users are not one of them, and the privacy policy is pretty lean.
Unfortunately this does make it fairly difficult to find out who you are, how you use MB and why you do it.

Seeing as this kind of information is fairly important for the upcoming project of improving our user experience, I volunteered to create a survey to allow you to tell us how you use MB, what you like about it and what you don’t like quite as much.

So without further ado, click on the banner to get to the survey: (It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.)
MusicBrainz User Survey

Now if you’re still reading this blog post, that hopefully means you’ve already completed the survey! I’d like to thank Quesito who joined this project earlier this year and has been a great deal of help, our former GCI student Caroline Gschwend who helped with the UX part of the survey, CatQuest who has been around to give great feedback since the first draft and of course also all the other people who helped bring this survey to the point of release.

If you’ve got any feedback on or questions about the survey itself, please reply to the Discourse forum topic.

4 thoughts on “MusicBrainz User Survey”

  1. very optimistic with the results so far still need a 1-2-3- idiots guide for novices like me

  2. C’mon … you are mentioning MB’s policy for being pretty lean, which I do believe, then you point us to some survey hosted on Google ?!
    Would have been happy to answer the survey, but never will do on Google.

  3. as far as privacy concerns go, the only questions on the survey that struck me as “potentially concerning” were optional, so I see no issues from my perspective.

  4. My privacy tweaks for Google cookies mean that I can’t edit my submission, so I’ll just say here that what it really needs is a helper to disambiguate the autocomplete based on the song title.

    (eg. Sure, maybe there’s a 50s american and 60s UK group with the same name, but what are the odds they both wrote a song with the given name? It’d save a lot of time bouncing over to Wikipedia to check the origins of things on my mother’s oldies compilation CDs.)

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