Community Recap April 2017

Hello, and welcome to the April recap of what’s happened in MetaBrainz land!

Compared the first quarter, April was somewhat on the slow side (reflected on the blog with only three posts that month). I’m guessing this is a mix of both recovering from all the activity in the first few months and a lot of work going on in the background—incl. preparing for Google Summer of Code. However, some stuff did happen, so let’s talk about those things!

Steady as (s)he goes

Sambhav and the rest of Picard crew keep labouring on, and released a 1.4.1 version of Picard, which marked the branching off allowing work to really start on Picard 2.0 (which was quickly followed by the first two major transformations: switching to (Py)Qt 5 and Python 3).

Out of the woodwork

I finally got around to announce one of my pet projects: Spotify2MusicBrainz. It is a script to help import data from Spotify into MusicBrainz. It is command-line only and requires Python 3, but should run on all platforms. Let me know on the forum post or on GitLab if it doesn’t work for you. 🙂

Feat. featuring

After a bunch of discussion, the “feat. guideline” was officially deprecated. If a release’s cover says “feat.”, by all means, use that. But if it says “featuring” or “f.” or something else, that is what should be used now. See the announcement on the blog for more details.

Forum discussions

A number of interesting discussions sprung up in April. Here’s my selection (and as always, if you think there were other discussions of interest in April, do let me (and everyone else!) know in the comments):

Disambiguations: a collection of examples and discussion of needs
When should disambiguations be used and when shouldn’t they? How should disambiguations (generally) look?
Legitimacy of Youtube as a source for releases
Discussion about using YouTube as basis for releases vs standalone recordings.
Same album sung in different languages on MusicBrainz
Does one release with its works translated to a different language warrant a new release group?
How do we deal with plagiarism?
How should artists that plagiarise other artists be entered?
Is Musicbrainz currently in more of a “development” state, rather than “maintenance”?
Exactly what it says. 🙂

Until next time

That’s all I have for April. Did I forget or miss something? Let me know in the comments! Do you have something I just have to add for May or June? Let me know in comments on the relevant tickets. Until next time!

Author: Freso

MetaBrainz Community Manager and Scandinavian activist and content creator.

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