Wrapping up Google Code‐in 2016

As Google has now announced the finalists of this round of Google Code-in, it feels only right that we also take a look back at what’s been taking up a large chunk of our time the last couple of months.

Divya Prakash Mittal (India – returning from last year!), Daniel Theis (Germany), and Tigran Kostandyan (Russia) all made it to the finalists, with Anshuman Agarwal (India) and Daniel Hsing (Hong Kong) additionally taking home the Grand Prize Winner positions! Congratulations to all of you and thank you so much for your contributions this year. 🙂

We had a total of 137 tasks completed this time, divided roughly into:

For MusicBrainz, we had 39 “add artist” tasks done and 14 “add 1–3 release(s)” ones. I added a tag to all releases and artists added as task objectives, so you can see the data added: “added for google code-in 2016”. 🙌

Speaking of adding data, GCI student Annebelle Olminkhof made a new tutorial video on how to add artists to MusicBrainz. Watch it here:

Daniel Theis also wrote a bunch of how-to documents—“How to Submit Analyses to AcousticBrainz”, “How To Merge Recordings”, “How to Report an Issue”—and fixed up a ton of others. Divya Prakash Mittal additionally made a document to guide prospective CritiqueBrainz critique writers to write better critiques: “How to write Good CritiqueBrainz Reviews” (the plan is to move this document to critiquebrainz.org proper).

We also had a number of graphics made for us. MetaBrainz infographic by Soh Xin Yi Soh Xin Yi made us another neat infographic. Glenn Ren made a new banner for our ticket tracker (MBH-459). Chen Chen and Kirsty Fabiyi made new SVG rating stars to replace the current ones on MusicBrainz (see MBS-9157).

We had tons of code additions and fixes, across several of our projects. They are too numerous to all get mentioned, but Daniel Hsing deserves a special mention for his exceptional progress on BookBrainz!

And finally, I’d like to extend a sounding “THANK YOU!” to all of your mentors and community mentors helping out complete strangers getting acquainted with the MetaBrainz community. GCI is truly a team effort! And thank you so much to the Google Open Source Programs office for letting us go another round. Let’s hope we get many more! 🙂

Author: Freso

MetaBrainz Community Manager and Scandinavian activist and content creator.

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