Server update, 2016-10-24

Today we have more URL cleanup and general link fixes from chirlu & yvanz. Thanks to those two again. 🙂 This’ll be the last musicbrainz-server release before we move to our new hosting facility. But that move should be done within two weeks, so hopefully the next release won’t be delayed. Thanks again for your patience.

The git tag is v-2016-10-24.


  • [MBS-7164] – URL cleanup doesn’t allow iTunes “Song” download links
  • [MBS-9044] – iTunes: cleanup “geo.itunes” and block/cleanup “linkmaker.itunes” links


  • [MBS-6314] – iTunes sidebar links should specify country
  • [MBS-8802] – Clean up iTunes audiobook and podcast URLs
  • [MBS-9079] – Clean up Wikidata URLs with “/entity”


  • [MBS-8269] – Disallow Commons gallery pages and categories
  • [MBS-9078] – Improve URL cleanup for Wikimedia Commons
  • [MBS-9087] – Link to current VIAF URL format

One thought on “Server update, 2016-10-24”

  1. Now we have MBS-6314 (iTunes sidebar links should specify country).

    – iTunes JP
    – iTunes US

    This new iTunes country display does not yet follow what has been done consistently before.

    **Wikipedia has been displaying language**

    – en: Ziggy Stardust
    – fr: Ziggy Stardust
    – ja: ジギー・スターダスト

    ☞ Language codes in lowercase are OK

    **Amazon has been displaying country**

    – DE: B00004V003
    – JP: B0000687VJ
    – UK: B007OTZ654

    ☞ Country codes in uppercase are OK.
    ☞ Notice that UK is not a correct country code (should be GB) but we have stick to what Amazon is using, internet tld (if they are called this way).

    **Back to new iTunes**

    Should be:

    – JP: iTunes
    – US: iTunes

    Or even better?

    – JP: album 1164796109
    – US: album 1059043043

    It’s just something that I felt funny when seeing at first, but maybe no need to fix.

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