Updated search jar/war files

Given the utter slackers we are, we haven’t yet finished updating the search server to output the new MBIDs that were added to some entities in our last release. We’ll try and get that done soonish.

However, we did update the search code to fix this error in the search indexer:

ERROR: type “earth” does not exist

I’ve put both of these jar/war files on our FTP site:

If you would like to try and build these from source, you’ll need commit 4f677727 from mmd-schema and the latest master commit from search-server. For instructions on how to build this, please follow these instructions.

UPDATE: The build from the current master for search-server appears to not be able to load indexes upon startup. Please use the old war (we still use this in production) until we can release a fix.

4 thoughts on “Updated search jar/war files”

  1. Where exactly do we have to copy which files to solve the
    ERROR: type “earth” does not exist
    during bin/reindex?

  2. I’m still getting the same “Index is currently not available for resource type ARTIST” too. Error in logs is:

    “New” gives me
    org.musicbrainz.search.servlet.SearchServerServlet init
    WARNING: Could not load artist index: null

    Whereas the “old” (search-server-e2c77b9.war) gives me
    WARNING: Could not load artist index, index is corrupted: Format version is not supported (resource: MMapIndexInput(path=”/home/search/indexdata/artist_index/segments.gen”)): -3 (needs to be between -2 and -2)

    Any update on this?


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