Server update, 2016-03-07

This release fixes the web service to support all the new entity types that can be added to collections since the last release, including to support submission, and introduces a few new browse requests (browsing collections by entity gid or editor name; browsing entities by collection gid). These are documented at

Area pages now have a “Users” tab where you can see other editors from that area, provided they’ve filled out that info in their profile.

A “single sign-on” endpoint has been added for logging into our new community forum, to replace the previous OAuth2 method. The main benefit over OAuth2 is that it now keeps peoples’ usernames and email addresses in sync with their MusicBrainz account.

Thanks to Roman Tsukanov (Gentlecat) and Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen for their work on today’s release. The git tag is v-2016-03-07 and the complete changelog is below.


  • [MBS-3125] – collection queries via the webservice are broken
  • [MBS-5323] – GET request for releases in a collection returns unordered results
  • [MBS-8459] – WS doesn’t have work collection endpoints
  • [MBS-8651] – collection add and delete endpoints
  • [MBS-8652] – PUT requests for invalid webservice collection URLs return the same content as a GET
  • [MBS-8825] – Links in the header force the default cursor via CSS


  • [MBS-6120] – web service browse release where collection equals mbid

New Feature

  • [MBS-6152] – Provide a better way to list private collections in /ws/2/release output
  • [MBS-6511] – Show tab for “editors” on an area page when logged in
  • [MBS-8839] – Implement Discourse SSO endpoint


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