Server update, 2016-02-22

New Style

The style of the website has changed to use our new logo and better match the rest of the *Brainz family. It may be rough around the edges in some areas, but we’ll continue to make improvements as we receive feedback. Thanks to Roman Tsukanov (Gentlecat) who did all of the initial work on this.

Other Changes

Nicolás Tamargo (reosarevok) has fixed our header menus to be clickable on touch devices, and we have some other fixes and improvements from Ulrich Klauer (chirlu) and myself listed below. The git tag for today’s release is v-2016-02-22.


  • [MBS-8007] – Can’t change collection type of existing collection
  • [MBS-8624] – Components for server-side rendering are not equivalent to TT macros
  • [MBS-8771] – Contact-URL on start page result in “Page Not Found”
  • [MBS-8772] – Big Audio Dynamite is high-lighted, but no open edits seem around
  • [MBS-8776] – JSON-formatted collection release list shows page total and not overall collection total
  • [MBS-8789] – “{user} has not tagged anything” in user/tags seems broken
  • [MBS-8801] – “A group of artists cannot have a gender” when removing the gender


  • [MBS-739] – Menu items with dropdowns should not have actions under them (other than the drop down opening)
  • [MBS-6212] – No link to edit profile on the profile
  • [MBS-8004] – Extend collections to other entities
  • [MBS-8787] – Add CORS headers to JSON-LD responses
  • [MBS-8790] – “ended” shows differently in add and edit relationship edits


  • [MBS-8778] – Point About → Team to meb.o/team
  • [MBS-8779] – Restructure footer and add MetaBrainz to it
  • [MBS-8784] – Add Triple J Unearthed to the Other DBs whitelist

5 thoughts on “Server update, 2016-02-22”

  1. Header menu doesn’t work on my mobile. The drop down is visible only while pressing screen. When I move my finger that list disappears so I can’t access any menu position.

  2. Hmm…I don’t know anybody with a Windows phone and I’m not sure there’s a way to emulate one from my Mac…we might need somebody who owns one to submit a patch.

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