Server update, 2015-12-28

A new feature in today’s release is a list of recent notes left on your edits (accessible from the menu in the upper-right corner of the page: “My Data” -> “Notes Left on My Edits”).

Users will be notified in a banner message whenever they receive a new edit note, and be linked to that page. Hopefully this will improve communication with people who aren’t seeing their emails.

We also have a number of bug fixes/improvements from Ulrich Klauer and several Google Code-In students: Caroline Gschwend, Ohm Patel, and Stanisław Szcześniak. Thanks for all your work!

The git tag is v-2015-12-28 and the changelog is below.


  • [MBS-7572] – Edit work alias is not showing the sort name loss
  • [MBS-7873] – Edit search for editor causes editor name to be listed twice in recent items
  • [MBS-7882] – Strange empty parens after alias name on edits
  • [MBS-7907] – Warning about pending edits on a relationship is missing
  • [MBS-8051] – Editor field in the edit search does not behave correctly
  • [MBS-8167] – Display error for instruments in member rels on edits
  • [MBS-8241] – Mediums with pending edits not highlighted in release display
  • [MBS-8381] – Some symbols are double-encoded in inline search
  • [MBS-8414] – Ended flag is not correctly handled in edits
  • [MBS-8635] – Untranslatable strings
  • [MBS-8690] – “Add artist” edit can’t be rejected if the artist has subscriptions
  • [MBS-8691] – “Edits for subscribed editors” page timing out
  • [MBS-8702] – Page title shows “"”
  • [MBS-8705] – HTML code shown in edit summary


  • [MBS-4565] – Search for Edits by editor notes.
  • [MBS-7070] – Missing icon (small version) for area, place and work
  • [MBS-8482] – “Add Disc” button in editor should be renamed to “Add Medium” or “Add Tracklist”
  • [MBS-8504] – Edits mandated by editing interface should be auto-edits
  • [MBS-8565] – Update the Discogs logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-8658] – Include tag name on user/tag/tagname pages
  • [MBS-8663] – Link to user’s profile in report emails
  • [MBS-8665] – Automatically add a space after ; in join phrases

New Feature

  • [MBS-8676] – Add a page to see all notes left on your own edits


  • [MBS-8574] – Update the Google+ logo used in the sidebar
  • [MBS-8657] – Update the flag of Libya
  • [MBS-8672] – Update the flag of Lesotho
  • [MBS-8673] – Update the flag of Myanmar

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