Server update, 2015-09-07

The 2015-09-07 server update is released today (a day late). Late because I wanted to investigate a fix for cover art uploading, which many people have reported issues with lately. Notwithstanding troubles at the Internet Archive, the server should hopefully give less errors now when uploading.

The other changes deal with edit-system bugs and URL cleanup enhancements.

Thanks to Gentlecat and reosarevok for their work on today’s release. The git tag is v-2015-09-07 and the changelog is below.


  • [MBS-8531] – Delete release label edits with no label fail to display
  • [MBS-8532] – Can’t edit a release label to add a label
  • [MBS-8533] – Catalog number-only release label edits no longer show in a MB Label’s edits
  • [MBS-8543] – Error uploading image: MalformedPOSTRequest


  • [MBS-8124] – Recognise and clean up URLs
  • [MBS-8182] – Improve Deezer URL cleanup

One thought on “Server update, 2015-09-07”

  1. Great work with MBS-8543! Thank you very much for this fix.
    I have just uploaded 120 Cover for Vivaldi’s 40CD Masterworks without a single error! Fantastic feeling.

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