New MusicBrainz server virtual machine available

Time to check the weather forecast for hell, because it appears to have frozen over! We have finally released a new Virtual Machine that contains all of the MusicBrainz server software and fixed all of the currently outstanding bugs (for the VM).

The new VM now uses a 64-bit architecture and has 80GB of disk-space so it should be much easier to get along with. I tried to ship one VM that has the search indexes build in, but after 3 hours (and increasing time) of trying to export that VM I killed it. If someone has better luck exporting a VM after building search indexes, please let me know. Also, VirtualBox seems to have improved in stability on Mac OS, so we are not going to build a VMWare version of the VM at this time.

All the details for the new VM are on our Server Setup page.

Remember to get your Live Data Feed access token here if you plan to use the replication.

15 thoughts on “New MusicBrainz server virtual machine available”

  1. Awesome news, I was having trouble with the last update. Unfortunately I only have Hyper-V available, I managed to get the image converted last time but have no idea how I did it, if anyone has a suggestion that works, please let me know!

  2. Thanks for putting out a new VM release! In my attempt to run the replication job, I’m constantly running into a problem with Replication packet #88525. It’s stating that it’s not available. Is this expected, or should I expect to see the “/bin/replicate now” job complete gracefully? Thanks!

  3. @Distractedriver Sounds like it’s up-to-date. I see a packet #88525 is published now, so if you try again it should get it (and then stop after the last available packet again).

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply. I ran it again earlier today and it got up to packet #88527 or thereabouts (can’t confirm exactly the packet number as I’m running the indexing job). I just wanted to be sure of what to expect; a sudden message of “packet not found,” or if it would gracefully exit with a message along the lines of “Complete.” From the sounds of it, it’s expected to complete with the “packet not found” message and shouldn’t cause alarm.

    Best Regards

  5. Thanks , Working great!!
    Could you post details how to update the vm to the latest github master version.

  6. I found nice snippet for saving replication status to a temp log file, which made monitoring the 24hr+ process over ssh much easier.

    “`replicateLog=”/tmp/replicate_`date +%m%d%Y_%H%M%S`.log”
    bin/replicate now >> $replicateLog 2>&1 > $indexLog 2>&1 < /dev/null & “`

    Now a question, After I've brought everything up to date, cant seem to get the VM to respond on :8080 as suggested in
    – is that out of date?

  7. Stefan:

    That should work. Check to see if the search server answers on port 80 on the guest machine. Port 8080 from the outside gets forwarded to 80 on the inside.

  8. Too often, dev time & passion goes unnoticed & unrewarded. So I wanted to drop you guys a note to say thank you for this awesome VM. Got it up & running on a laptop running Ubuntu server 17.04, xfce4, & vBox. The entire setup was almost as hard as making coffee and in the end, more cool.

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