Server update, 2015-07-13

This update contains bug fixes and improvements the new tag voting interface, thanks to feedback from people during the last couple weeks. The plus/minus buttons simply add or subtract 1 from the current score (and are disabled where you’ve already done that). There’s still room for improvement, but hopefully it should be more intuitive now.

We’ve also made duplicate entity detection more immediate—the interface will show you possible duplicate artists, labels, etc. before you submit anything.

Thanks to Nikki and the MetaBrainz team for their work on today’s release. The git tag is v-2015-07-13 and the changelog is below.


  • [MBS-8322] – Editing entity (now) removes its URL relationship dates
  • [MBS-8434] – Work editor can’t seed both relationship type and target
  • [MBS-8463] – Adding a tag with upper-case letters on the tag page has funny behaviour
  • [MBS-8470] – Bulk tag submission doesn’t work if the same tag appears in different recordings


  • [MBS-2873] – In add relationship edits, always display the URL second
  • [MBS-8331] – Move some of the duplicate entity check code to the client
  • [MBS-8464] – tag voting interface doesn’t make sense if you don’t use reddit

3 thoughts on “Server update, 2015-07-13”

  1. I’m trying to set up a MB replica. I started with the virtualbox image and have been running the ‘replicate’ script to pull in the updates. This morning I encountered the message “This replication packet matches schema sequence #21, but the database is currently at #20. You must upgrade your database in order to apply this replication set”. I’ve gathered from earlier blog posts that the code on the VM needs to be updated. It’s not entirely clear how to do that since the code came pre-packaged in the VM. I’m quite familiar with git, but not exactly sure where I should clone from and what needs to be replaced/upgraded despite what I’ve already read.

  2. Ya. I think I will try that. I actually took the old image and converted it to a Linux Container. I ran into a few snags and now plackup won’t start. I think starting over fresh will be a good idea now that I have quite a bit done on it. If I can get it working well enough, I’ll share the Linux Container back with ya’ll as a cpio gzip.

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