Server update, 2015-06-29

Today’s release progresses in finishing up the UI for last schema change. One of the changes introduced was tag voting, and as of this release you can finally upvote/downvote tags on the website. This should make it easier for people to re-use tags and to hide tags they consider wrong.

In other news, artist and place collections can be created now, too.

The rest of the release contains various bug fixes and refactorings (some without tickets, but visible in the git log).

Thanks to JesseW, legoktm, nikki, and the MetaBrainz team for their work. The git tag is v-2015-06-29 and the changelog is below.


  • [MBS-8430] – SQL exception when undoing creation of a record label: “Controller::Edit->cancel “Failed query: …” “
  • [MBS-8443] – Not possible to remove dates in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-8448] – ISE on Donation Check page


  • [MBS-4145] – Up/down vote for tags
  • [MBS-7987] – Event series should be (auto-)ordered by date

12 thoughts on “Server update, 2015-06-29”

  1. Looks like we are not able to create place or artist collections yet since the new collection types aren’t listed in the type selection.

  2. @methanols I cleared the collection type cache so that the new ones are visible now, thanks for the nudge.

  3. And the tag input field is always empty instead of containing my tags (but maybe this one is intentional new behaviour).

  4. @PATATE12

    All your existing tags are already upvoted, so clicking the + again will remove the vote. Clicking – will downvote and hide it by default, though there’s a link to show downvotes on the entity /tags page.

    The empty tags field sounds like MBS-8455, which sadly I haven’t found a way to fix in Chrome or Opera 12.

  5. I don’t really understand the difference between removing vote? tag? and downvote?…
    The previous concept of having or not having a tag was either more natural or I was used to it maybe…

    If I have a tag, I would understand a DELETE (×) button more than PLUS (+) and MINUS (-) buttons.
    Or if not compatible with new concept, and if +/- are mandatory, I would understand more :
    I have a tag, I click – to remove it (+ is invisible or has no effect)
    I don’t have a tag, I click + to add it (- is downvote?)

    … don’t know…

    The empty tag fields is also empty in FF, for instance when I go to I don’t see my two tags in the tag editor field.
    It seems rather by design than a bug, isn’t it ? If it’s by design it’s OK with me, no problem. 🙂

    I’m not proposing any definitive suggestion… it’s still not very clear in my mind what is best… I’m just noticing that the current new tool seem to not feel very natural IMO, it can be improved I guess. 🙂

  6. I agree that the ‘+’ which removes a tag is very counter-intuitive. This is definitively something to improve. About the empty tag field, i have the same issue on Firefox/Ubuntu. I expect to be able to modify my tags from there. While the vote system on tags is probably a good thing, the current interface is far from being intuitive.

  7. The voting works identically to reddit, if that makes sense (probably not). There’s a ticket open to gather feedback on how to improve the UI:

    I was only able to get autofill working in Firefox by explicitly typing tags in and hitting enter. Clicking the vote buttons won’t add the tag to the autofill list. I don’t think it’s possible to fix that natively in a cross-browser way, but we can of course add a custom dropdown using jQuery UI or something to show the user’s tags.

  8. @Bitmap,
    I think Zas and I were not talking about auto-fill.
    I personally wouldn’t like very much having any typing assist in there.

    ☞ Prior to this recent sidebar tag enhancement, all our tags were pre-filled in the input text, separated by “, ” character.
    If we wanted to edit a tag, it was simply done by changing it directly inline (and same for remove and add).

  9. Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, the tag input was changed to be for adding new tags only. If we made it so that adding a tag to the list upvoted it, and removing a tag removed the upvote, I don’t see any obvious problem with changing it back. It’d just have to exclude all downvoted tags.

  10. I like to have all my tags in the input field for several reasons but reasons that are maybe too specific so *it would be good to hear more opinions* :

    * Being able to fix a tag easily (not specific to me but not a strong argument as I can get used to the new system)
    * Seeing ALL my tags (I have a user script that used to add any missing own tags from the input field into the tag list (specific to me?) — I don’t really fancy that ALL my tags aren’t being displayed when I have either “too many” or when there are too many others’

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